Didi Launch in Costa Rica

Towards the end of 2019 we started planning Launch project for DIDIs mobility APP in Costa Rica. At that time we had to develop all the visual material including uniforms, ATL and BTL campaign to publicize the App and open different areas in the country for the registration of new drivers.

We created an expectation campaign for Didi and spread the word via word of mouth with information person-to-person with the drivers of other applications to present the APP and its benefits, having great success in driver subscriptions.

We developed a large ATL campaign that included road billboards, coverage in shopping centers, radio, digital screens and social networks for new users and additionally we developed BTL campaigns, including mass flyers, point of sale activations both in metropolitan area and in rural areas for driver affiliation and brand recognition.

All of these efforts were very successful and helped Didi to establish itself as a very good mobility option in Costa Rica to date.




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Didi Launch in Costa Rica

At the end of 2019 we began with the Launch project in Costa Rica for the DIDI mobility APP. At that time we had to develop