Chapa Coca-Cola 3D

Coca Cola Trophy Tour

On November 1st, 2017 at 11:55 a.m., our agency receives Coca Cola's 20-page Brief to organize the largest event that takes place every 4 years, where even the smallest detail counts. We knew it was a major project and a great challenge for production, so we immediately got down to work.

The creative proposal and the experiences that would mark each journey of the event became our passion, more than a job. Each member of our agency put all their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and meticulous care to execute the strategy to perfection, making the event remembered as one of the best executions of the Coca Cola Trophy Tour in history.


When we inaugurated the Trophy Tour, the rain threatened to lower the spirits of the hundreds of attendees who lined up with their tickets in hand, however, we raised the stacks of the event and everything flowed with such natural dynamism that not even the weather was a problem. There was only one thing in mind: to have a wonderful experience with the activities.

- The Costa Rican Soccer Federation Museum.
- An interactive experience with the tico football player Celso Borges hologram.
- The Russia Lounge: an exclusive area that aimed to bring the Costa Rican fans closer to Russian culture.
- Attendees are also photographed with the official Fifa World Cup Russia mascot, the Zabivaka wolf .
- The experience also featured state-of-the-art augmented reality areas with our Hypervsn technology.
- We managed to get 16,000 fans to have their photo with the trophy, and in the end, they found a gigantic Costa Rican flag, which they signed and was given to the team that participated in Russia.
We were always 10 steps ahead of the event and this generated an excellent experience that more than 16,000 people enjoyed.




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Chapa Coca-Cola 3D

Coca Cola Trophy Tour

On November 1, 2017 at 11:55 a.m., our agency receives Coca Cola's 20-page Brief to organize the most important event


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